Family hotel

At De Koekoekshof we are a family hotel...​

Welcome to our hotel! We are delighted to meet you and can’t wait to show you around our beautiful Elp. We have been the owners of hotel De Koekoekshof since March 2021, we are very proud of the history of our hotel and look forward to adding our personal touch to this beautiful establishment, but also to your visit.

We started this adventure in a chaotic time, but so far every day has been extremely rewarding, the reviews and feedback from our guests reinforce our passion for service and motivate us to keep growing.

When you visit us you can expect hospitality and great personal service, our aim is to make you feel like the Koekoekshof is your home away from home.

We can’t wait to welcome you and start new traditions together!

Stephan, Lili, Paulo & Luca.